Nowadays a typical funeral costs between $7,000 to $10,000 without even considering other debts that may arise at the worst time.

Final expense insurance is the most affordable way to ensure that funeral costs and other debts don’t burden family members after you’re gone.

It’s the best way to shield your loved ones from a financial catastrophe.

Final expense coverage is affordable, and it doesn’t depend on your medical history.

Before choosing any insurance you’ll need to learn more about the coverage options available from leading insurance companies.

Final Expense Finder is your best source for complete, comprehensive information about funeral insurance plans.

We’ll help you save money and find exactly the right policy!

  • Quick, easy life insurance
  • No doctor, no medical exam
  • No blood tests
  • Low premium – as low as $1 per day

Final expense insurance is easy to understand and quick to find.

It’s perfect if you want excellent life insurance but had trouble qualifying for earlier, more restrictive programs.

You’ll have a low monthly premium based on the individual coverage amounts that you choose.

Best of all, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your legacy will be financial freedom for the entire family, instead of future debt.

Now’s the time to shop for the best plan to protect your family!

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