Final Expense FAQs

What is final expense insurance?

It’s a basic form of whole life insurance designed to protect families.

Even though it’s sometimes called burial insurance or funeral insurance, a good final expense policy does much more.

For a reasonable monthly premium you’ll have complete peace of mind in knowing that loved ones won’t be burdened by future expenses.

Why do I need it?

If you’ve reached the age when you’re thinking about your legacy for the future, then you should also be thinking about final insurance.

It can pay for funeral and burial costs, as well as other expenses, and even old debts.

Most important for many of us, final expense insurance is the golden solution when our medical histories won’t allow us to qualify for some other forms of insurance.

It’s truly the best life insurance solution for anyone who doesn’t want medical exams, blood tests and doctors.

How can I use it to benefit my family?

Freedom from debt is the best legacy for any family, and the right insurance is your surest way to achieve it.

With good insurance you have the power to keep helping loved ones long into the future.

By planning ahead and figuring out how much your family will need, you can decide the budget you’ll want for coverage.

What’s the best way to find final expense insurance?

In one word, you are the best way to find the right final policy for your own family.

Instead of relying on opinions from people who have good intentions but little experience with insurance, it’s always best to make your own decisions.

And, you can do the homework quickly and easily by using resources available right here at Final Expense Finder.

We give you the tools and information to quickly find, compare and choose the right plan for your family.

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